Intelligence platform for customer conversations

Understand what your customers want by extracting powerful insights from centralized customer feedback


Integrate VOC data

Aggregate user feedback from all text channels and combine it with existing user data


Analyze trends & sentiment

Label user feedback, categorize issues and analyze sentiment using custom AI models


Prioritize resolution

Predict impact of requests by segmenting by persona, response data and satisfaction scores


Automate engagement

Create workflows to recognize and efficiently resolve high-impact, recurring issues

Centralized customer feedback

A single source of truth for all customer communication data. Directly integrate with support channels, social media, reviews and surveys to get a full understanding of user preferences, issues and new opportunities.

Customer-driven product decisions

Use a holistic view of your customer to drive revenue-generating changes. Track and connect user feedback to every stage of the customer journey to optimize for the best experience.

Enhanced user operations

Anticipate customer issues before they happen. Differentiate your customer experience by providing a proactive approach to support. Recognize at-risk customers, detect high-impact issues and prioritize actions that will impact growth and retention.

Customer operations as a platform

Understand your users to build a better product. Easily integrate customer feedback into your decision-making.

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Discover trends and predict impact

Improve growth and retention through data. Quantify feedback, track sentiment and calculate impact to drive changes that directly influence customer adoption and satisfaction

Track outcomes over time

Map actions to impact. Add team KPIs to the interactive dashboard to measure how decisions influence user feedback and customer happiness over time

Segment customer feedback

Become an advocate for your user. Slice feedback by customer personas and user data to understand outreach and better gauge what’s driving their preferences

Automate internal communication

Promote a customer-centric organization. Automatically generate reports and create workflows to align departments and permanently resolve the most prevalent user requests and issues

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