Intelligence platform for customer conversations

Understand what your customers want by extracting powerful insights from centralized customer feedback

Centralize customer feedback

A single source of truth for all customer communication data. Directly integrate with support channels, social media, reviews and surveys to get a full understanding of user preferences, issues and new opportunities.

Impact driven product decisions

Integrate user and product metrics to get a holistic view of your customer feedback. Connect user feedback to account value, churn and engagement to prioritize requests that will drive higher customer satisfaction and generate revenue.

Improve cross-team communication

Identify trending customer issues faster by quantifying feedback. Monitor the reach and impact of user requests to communicate more effectively with product teams and speed up the detection and resolution of incoming issues.

Customer operations as a platform

Listening to users is what separates a good product from a great one. Make customer feedback an integral part of your company’s decision-making.

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Greater loyalty and satisfaction

Improve growth and retention through data. Quantify feedback, track sentiment and calculate impact to drive changes that directly influence customer adoption and satisfaction.

Increased Retention

Prevent churn by looking at the source of ‘why’ users are leaving. Connect feedback to churn metrics and user data to prevent similar users from dropping off in the future.

Improved brand management

Get ahead of emerging issues by detecting and resolving issues faster. Use alerting and tracking to identify areas of improvement before frustrations are publicly reported.

Stronger organizational alignment

Greater user awareness = more effective prioritization. Setup reporting and workflows to align the entire company to tackle prevalent and impact-driving user requests first.

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