Track product feedback from customer conversations

Leverage NLP to track bugs and feature requests as they come in through emails, reviews and chat.

Add feedback

Add bugs or feature requests to ScopeAI as reported by customers

NLP pulls conversations

ScopeAI finds all related conversations from integrated communication channels

View dashboard

ScopeAI auto-updates bugs and feature requests as customers reach out

Centralize product feedback

A single source of truth for all bugs and features requested by users. Support, sales and marketing add what they are hearing from users to one place. No more spreadsheets, forwarding emails or dumping in slack channels.

Explore customer conversations

The context to validate or reject intuitions. Easily access all comments and customer data related to a bug or feature request. Let users dictate which issues and requests to prioritize.

Track issues over time

Trending issues revealed. Gain visibility around the most reported bugs and feature requests. Align teams with data to make faster product decisions.

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